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Jason Chin Laksa Festival

2019 & 2020 WINNER - GOLDEN BOWL

A humble man, Jason has operated Chok’s Place in the Darwin Galleria for the last 13 years. Before his first Laksa Festival win, Jason was making around 20 laksas a day. After winning the Golden Bowl for best laksa, Chok’s was inundated with new customers. It became so busy that Jason needed to start limiting his laksas each day to keep up with demand.

Some people doubted Jason’s position as the best laksa in Darwin, but he cemented his position in 2020, when he was crowned Laksa champion once again.

Jason's broth is made of fresh local ingredients, creating a delicious soup full of flavour. Packed full of vegetables and protein, the Chok's Place laksa is a bowl of deliciousness. The addition of a boiled egg provides a point of difference.