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Pearl & Sid – Asian Pot


The hole in the wall, slice of heaven that is Asian Pot is where Pearl & Sid spend their days preparing delicious dishes. Asian Pot is a family-owned business that has been running for more than 20 years. Their loyal customer base helped them take home the People’s Choice Award for Best Laksa in 2019. 

Asian Pot's laksa is simple and delicious. Featuring a spicy, fresh broth with great depth of flavour, Asian Pot is a must-visit during the Laksa Festival.

In 2021, Pearl & Sid handed over the reigns to Riley & Jesse. Riley and Jesse have worked in the Asian Pot kitchen alongside Pearl & Sid and we know that their laksa legacy has been left in safe hands.

Hot tip: A serve of laksa from Asian Pot needs a side of their spicy chicken wings!