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Mark and Gertrude from Moorish holding their laksa trophy

2019 People's Choice Award - Best Inspired By Dish

One of the most innovative laksa inspired dishes we've seen, Moorish's pannacotta deserved to win the 2019 People's Choice Award for Best Inspired-by Dish.

Moorish is Darwin's original tapas restaurant and takes inspiration from the flavours of Spain, the Mediterranean and North Africa. Gertrude is one of the first faces you'll see when entering the restaurant, her warm and welcoming presence one of the key highlights. 

Mark's creative approach to the challenge of creating a dish inspired by laksa saw a coconut-based soup, spiced pannacotta and accompanying 'noodles' embody the essence of laksa while creating a delicious dessert.

Top Tip: If you're wanting to check out Moorish - we highly recommend you make a reservation to avoid disappointment!